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3 Benefits as Reporter, Going Places Meeting Faces also Getting Paid

3 Benefits as Reporter – Hi, Travelmate! It’s been a long time since I have shared any article in this blog. I have good news to share to all of you in May 2022.

On this occasion, I will tell you three benefits as a reporter that I experienced by myself. In other words, this will be my good news that I want to share. Hehehe.

1. Good Experience

First, I obtained my first job as a professional reporter at one of the biggest news and content companies at Soloraya, Solopos Media Group (SMG). I signed contract at December 13rd, 2021, had in-House training at SMG for almost 2 weeks. And my first field experience was on 26th December 2021.

My previous job was an announcer in my regency, Boyolali. At Radio Karysma FM. Sometimes, I had assignments to make news too.

But now, I am really a reporter who writes news. Of course, I am still a rookie reporter, but I am trying my best to do all of my exercises.

It's been almost 6 months since I've become a reporter. I still wish I can be a good reporter in this process.

The benefit? Of course I am experiencing my dream job.

2. Going Places, Meeting Faces

Second, I can't say that this is the benefit of every reporter. But, I want to share the good news for me! I got a desk at my home town, Boyolali! I feel challenged to explore more about this New Zealand of Java and also Smiling (Tersenyum) City.

Actually, I also found it difficult at the beginning like others. I felt that I don't have expert issues in my city, but a lot of senior reporters helped me to adapt in this town. Such as Mr. Mufid who is my former newspaper editor, Mbak Ika who is my current newspaper editor, Mbak Erma who is my online news editor, Mr. Agus from TVOne, Mr. Tata from MNC Group, Mr. Bayu from Boyolali’s Department of Communication and Information, Mr. Sarwoto Haryanto from Elshinta News, Mr. Kisno from RRI (Radio of the Republic Indonesia), and many others seniors that I could not mention here.

3. Getting Paid

Third, I am getting paid while traveling!

I had a dream, “It will be so wonderful if I can get paid while traveling!”

This dream is not only a dream now. It's a real thing now. Although it’s still in my regency area. I still can travel to Juwangi, the most northern part of my regency.

I've also been meeting a lot of faces with different characters. It is fun to live my dream job.

I think it’s ending of the article. I am writing this at dawn after finishing one job article and also having a headache that may have come from drinking ice tea yesterday. Haha. (But uploaded one day after haha)

I rarely had ice tea, maybe I should not have had it at the beginning.

See you soon in another article!