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3 Sea Travelling Destinations and Best Places of Indonesia except Bali Island

 Hi, Sobat Dolan (travel mate)! In 2020, Around 3,889,263 international tourists came to Indonesia but 1,050,505 (27 percent) of them visited Bali only, a small island at the east side of Java Island. This is a lot if we compare to all travelling destinations in more than 17K islands across the country. It’s not strange since Bali is known as one of the most beautiful places. 

So many people come to Bali but If you want to have anti-mainstream, uncommon yet wonderful sea travelling destinations in Indonesia except Bali, then  I, an Indonesian native, will recommend 3 sea travelling destinations and best places of Indonesia except Bali island.

  1. Morotai Island (Pulau Morotai)

The first island that I will recommend  is Morotai Island. This beautiful island is located in Maluku Utara (North Moluccas), a province in far east Indonesia near Papua Island that is famous for Raja Ampat Island. Morotai Island is surrounded by other small islands such as Dodola Island, Mitita Island, Golo-golo Island, etc.

The most iconic travel destination in Morotai is Dodola Island. This island consists of two islands, big Dodola Island and small Dodola Island. At the ebb, you will see two Dodola Islands connected by white sand that creates a road where you can step on. This place is highly recommended to spend romantic moments with the special one.


(credit: paramiswari on instagram)

Sobat Dolan, you must know this information that Morotai Island isn't crowded with tourists. And this is why Morotai Island must be visited if you are looking for an alternative sea travelling destination except Bali. It feels like it’s your own island and you can spend your quality time with your beloved one while enjoying gorgeous scenery around the  Island.

  1. Derawan Island (Pulau Derawan)

Derawan Island is located in the Kalimantan Timur (East Borneo). This island has white sand's beach beside the sea of blue colored water. It’s also known as Pristine Island because of the pure and uncontaminated beauty of  nature.


(credit: derawanadventuretrip on instagram)

    In Derawan Island, you won't only feel yourself in blue world but also will be able to enjoy watching  coral reefs and various fishes under water using snorkel. It’s recommended to spend vacation here with family because you can enjoy pure nature that is rare to be found now a days .

  1. Weh Island (Pulau Weh)

At the peak-west of Indonesia, Aceh Province, there is an island named Weh Island. To go to Weh Island, you must ride a boat for 2 hours. If you are lucky, you will meet a flock of dolphins in your way that will make the  journey more enjoyable.

After arriving at Weh Island, you can travel around there. But it must be a waste of effort if you are already at the most west area of Indonesia but not going to a monument of 0 kilometer. After going there, you can enjoy traveling to a lot of beaches at Weh Island like Teupin Layee Beach, Sumur Tiga Beach, Iboeh Beach, etc. Travelling to Weh Island will be a very remarkable adventure to spend with family, friends, and beloved one.


(credit: wisatasabang on instagram)

Those are 3 sea travelling destinations and best places of Indonesia except Bali. Indonesia is full of beautiful places to visit. In this pandemic Covid-19 era, some travelling destinations require a certificate of swab test, use mask, physical distancing, and other conditions with strict health protocol. Stay safe, stay sane, Sobat Dolan!

Author : Ni'matul Faizah

Editor : Mosaraf Hossain